Cybersecurity Is Our Specialty

We have been providing a personalized technology management service for about 30 years, and in that time we have witnessed the advent of viruses, and worms, malware, and social engineering tricks. As these threats emerge, we have taken steps to alleviate our clients of these threats. The present day threats, are the most challenging. Specific, targeted attacks against industries using advanced hacking tool kits. Our advisories are researching their targets, and employing advanced methods to distribute ransomware, and other serious threats. We defend by using computer number one - the human brain, by training staff about what the attackers motivation is, and what to look for. Most of the treats we see start with infiltration into an email account or into the organizations network, and server.

We utilize real time scanning, and monitoring of threats, enterprise class firewalls, and advanced AI detection techniques, but always, the number one, and most effective defense, is knowledge. Training that we provide your staff, is the foundation of a good cybersecurity strategy. Let us demonstrate how this new generation of dangerous security threats work..