Expert Business Tech Support

CGPC Solutions is a technology solutions provider that specializes in flexible around the clock business technology management, enterprise level security, business continuity backup, user support, and training. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and are a well reviewed business technology management firm providing support for over 27 years in all aspects of your technology including cloud, web, and infrastructure.

Tech Support
At A Simple Per User Flat Rate

A process that makes for a smooth transition to a friendly, responsive and reliable technology management team. A team that allows you to move ahead unfettered by technology management headaches.

Cost Effective Business Technology Management

Lifeline Essentials

Our entry level management option allows for a low cost IT support solution. We provide centralized health, and safety monitoring, managed enterprise class AntiVirus and managed backup to keep your technology secure. If we see a problem, we resolve with the highest priority.

Lifeline Well Covered

Add personalized help desk support, training and regular maintenances to your IT infrastructure for greater staff productivity and to keep your organization safe, and secure. Maintain your valuable assets, and keep your computers running by maintaining a secure, and backup infrastructure.

Lifeline Full Support

At a simple, and scalable per user flat rate, we provide the superior business IT management that is designed to establish, and maintain a long term strategic technology objective. A growth oriented IT support and management for companies needing stability, and a well organized management.

Ready For A Change?

If your current IT support is costing too much, holding you back or just not working, then consider us. We are friendly, flexible and cost effective.

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